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SmartyPants test post

“Oh, no” he said, “that’s just — wrong!”.

Some Markdown constructs:

  • List item number “1”
  • List item numner — you guessed it, “2”

Flickr badge

The five latest photos from my Flickr account.

test post-dating

Absolute link

Relative link

Relative link 2


This is a Blosxom weblog. It’s hosted at

Timestamps are in my timezone (CET, UTC+01:00).


The following plugins are used:

  • Markdown — automatic formatting of plain text to (X)HTML.
  • archives — builds a tree view over past posts by month.
  • blosmail — enables blog entry submission via email.
  • categories — builds a tree view over past posts by category.
  • config — per-directory configuration.
  • date_fullname — nicer date formatting.
  • entries_cache — caches timestamps, allowing for editing of posts without changing their internal order.
  • file — include contents of files in your blog.
  • find — search plugin.
  • flavourdir — keep your flavours in a separate directory.
  • fmtcat — provide formatting for categories
  • hide — hides files and directories from display, but not from search.
  • interpolate_fancy — conditionally add text based on variables.
  • meta — enable metatags in entries.
  • redirect — redirect moved entries
  • timezone — sets the timestamps to a local timezone.
  • vrss10 — implements a verified RSS 1.0 feed. Used because the built-in RSS flavour chokes on Swedish characters. This plugin is Matthias Eberl’s enhancement of Rael Dornfest’s original rss10 plugin.
  • wbnotify — sends email when a comment is posted.
  • writeback — enable comments and trackbacks.

Customizations and notes


Added a CSS identity to the subordinate <ul> tags to achieve the same look as in the category list.


Not really a plugin, more a helper script. Don’t put the script in the $plugins_dir!

You need procmail for this to work.

The script checks against a configuration file to ensure that the sender is authorised to post. The email address in the “From” line must be enclosed in <>, otherwise the address won’t be matched.

I’ve modified the script so that all entries submitted by email are filed under /moblog.


Changed the spacing between the category name and number of entries to match the formatting of the archives plugin.

Wrapped each leaf <ul> in <li> to ensure XHTML compliance. Unfortunately, this makes the tree look funny. This is alleviated by setting the same class indentity to all the <ul> tags and then removing the bullets with the help of CSS.


This is used to vary the number of posts shown per category.

The front page is limited to 10. However, if you choose a category, you should be able to see all the entries in that category.

This plugin takes care of this. Create a file config:

 package blosxom;
 $blosxom::num_entries = ($blosxom::path_info ? 999 : 10);

and place it in your data directory. If the $path_info variable is populated, we’re in a subdirectory — show all posts (if you’re category has more than 999 posts, adjust accordingly…), otherwise show 10 entries.

Thanks to Stu MacKenzie on the Blosxom list for this.

meta and interpolate_fancy

I placed these in the beginning of the plugin list by renaming them thusly:

meta -> 01meta
interpolate_fancy -> 02interpolate_fancy


The config file needs to have the same file extension as the target post (well, duh…). I keep my posts as .txt in the filesystem, and my default flavour is .html. So to redirect the entry foo I use the line



I made symlinks ending in .rdf to each flavour file in the vrss10 package. Now I can reference my RSS 1.0 feed as

writeback plugin

See my post on this subject for more information of how to enable trackbacks.

TODO list for this installation

  • Exclude certain entries from handling by entriescache
  • Filter out QP from moblog posts
  • Find a way to automatically document categories
  • Redirect MT archive links
  • Implement an Updated feature
  • Implement site in XHTML-MT
  • Blosxom graphic link
  • Fix writeback css layout
  • Implement a backup plan
  • Links for validation of XHTML and CSS
  • Separate flavours from content
  • Use the config plugin to vary the number of displayed posts
  • import comments from MT
  • posting via email
  • redirect MT index.html and RSS feed
  • writeback notifications
  • writebacks

Contact me

The easiest way to contact me is by email:

You can try reaching me by voice or sms at +46 (0) 702 577 860.

I spend an embarrassingly large amount of time on IRC. You can contact me, gustaf, on irc:// If I’m not there, leave a message with Monty.

IM networks

  • Yahoo!: gerikson.

Meatspace coordinates

“Hot off the GPS unit on my A925:”

  • E 18º 02’ 58.805”
  • N 59º 16’ 52.520”


  • E 18º 02’ 34.395”
  • N 59º 20’ 20.509”

About the author

A picture of Gustaf

Gustaf Erikson lives in Stockholm, Sweden, in a house with a wife and three children. He’s a graduate of Sweden’s prestigious KTH and works with internal support at a large e-commerce company.