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Saturday, 2005-11-19

About “observations”

As much as I think Dave Winer is an ass sometimes, I must say that the free-form blogging he engages in — just post a link and a comment to it — is pretty attractive sometimes. Having to invent a descriptive title every time you want to write something gets old fast, especially in Blosxom, where your title is essentially your filename in your text editor.

Thus “Observations”, a new dubious feature of The occasional scrivener. Inspired by Fredrik Lundh I will use these as a scratchpad for random thoughts and one-liners. Todo: add anchors so people can link to the nuggets. This will have to be automated somehow, or perhaps Markdown has support for this now.

Update 2005-11-20: I hacked together a little Perl script for this. Next plan is to use this as an input method for mails sent from my mobile. Ubiquitous blogging, ahoy!

I also created a new category for them. However, due to the fascist nature of the Atom plugin, I won’t move the already created posts there.

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