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Wednesday, 2006-02-08

Filestamp hiccup

I glanced at the Archives yesterday and was shocked to see that all entries before this year were dated in January 2005. The file that entries_cache uses to record timestamps was corrupt. I restored the file from backups, but I was a bit tense. Although most posts aren’t date-specific, there’s enough stuff in there to make me nervous of losing the date part of the post.

I’ve been looking at Wordpress for a while, mostly as a new way of doing stuff. I’ve moved away from using Blosxom as an “online notebook”, with an emacs open in a screen session all the time. I’ve also started using WP at work, and I think it’s a really slick tool.

An eventual migration would be a bore though. I’d have to generate post titles in exactly the right way to keep permalinks, and I’d have to hack the templates to something I like. Sure it would be fun if I had copious free time, but that particular commodity is in very short supply right now.

Update: blergh, just installed WP to have a look and there are a lot of issues to solve before a migration:

  • Permalinks — I don’t dare experiment with this on the live server due to mod_rewrite magic.
  • Import will have to be either by RSS or by pushing stuff into the DB directly. The latter option will enable me to keep Markdown syntax where appropriate, which I’d like. I noticed that when moving from Movable Type to Blosxom the editing of old posts was much harder using HTML. But if I go that route I have to learn the database structure and stuff.
  • Appearance. Man, Kubrick gets old…

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