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Sunday, 2005-08-28

“Your plugin has been assimilated”

It’s with some amusement that I saw a question on the blosxom list go from my own hapless contribution to a full fledged plugin in less than 24 hours. (The gory details are here.)

My idea was category_desc, the code was Stu McKenzie’s. I guess I’ll take up the baton and write some documentation.

The basic premise was that I wanted to provide a more detailed description of a category when viewing its “front page” ( for the category “bar”, for example.) The link between categories and descriptions is in the %descriptions hash. This hash is accesses by the head sub and the variable $category_desc::description is accessible in the flavour.

Caveats: you have to know how to write Perl for this plugin to work for you.

You can see it in action at

You can also do this with the config plugin and with postheadprefoot. In both those cases, a file has to be created in each category directory. This method keeps everyhing in a central place.

Update 2005-08-28: the information is now available in the story flavour too: Stu explains it here.

Update 2006-03-02: you can get the plugin here.

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