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My day

My day basically looks like this.

Working in the gaming industry

Well, my job may not be the must fun one in the world, but at least I’m not working in the gaming industry.

Helpdesk software

Time for a new category, I think: work.

I was looking at the comments in Russ’ blog and found a comment by a guy named Ian Landsman. Apparently his company is developing a helpdesk package.

Let’s face it, I’m a one-person helpdesk. That’s not too much fun, I’d rather be a developer. But if I can find some software that makes that part of the job easier, I’m going for it.

We have a little perl hack that keeps track of all emails to the support box, and allows us to post comments, cancel, and close tickets. But the knowledge behind solving issues is buried in the email conversations relating to that ticket. It’s not very integrated, but then, not many things at work are.

So a package that can take a request from a mail message, plonk it in a DB, and track each and every response and annotation to the ticket would be a big help.

Some other packages referenced:

  • MyHelpdesk — no incoming mail interface
  • OpenIT — Same here