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Monday, 2006-02-20

Work times and other rants

We had a discussion at work today regarding some people’s work times. We agreed that everyone should be in the office between 10:00 and 17:00, even though I personally feel that 9:00—16:00 would be better. I was also informed that working from home is not allowed except under special circumstances, which makes me even less inclined to help the US team while I’m at home. If I can’t be able to get credit for it, why should I do it for free?

One good thing is that there won’t be time-clocks or other paraphernalia of fascist oppression, but I’d still like to have some kind of check of how much I’m working. So I’d like to find a web-based (AJAXy?) time-tracker/scheduler that could allow me to keep tabs on what I’m doing. Especially since the support of the fugly hack that is our online questionnaire system was just dumped in our lap as a kind of reverse gift. A white, leprous, incontinent elephant that will suck up even more of our copious free time.

I’m a bit disappointed that we had to have this meeting at all. It would seem to me pretty clear that if you’re part of a team you should try to be in the premises at least from 9:30 in the morning, even if you work late as a result of coming in late. “Lone hacker” just doesn’t cut it anymore at work.

Then there’s the case of the mothership foisting their email naming scheme on us without our consent or agreement. I personally feel that this is an issue that’s so unimportant that it’s barely worth mentioning. Lets hope we can defuse the situation before it gets out of hand and kicked upstairs for “arbitration”.

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