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Monday, 2024-08-02

New feed URL

The new URL for a feed for this site is Thanks to Matthias for fixing the rss10 plugin!

Sunday, 2024-08-01


Vacation ends tomorrow. I've done quite a bit with the house, so the lack of good weather hasn't been a determining factor. Saying this, a few more weeks wouldn't have been unwelcome.

Reading list




((R) means "re-reading")

Saturday, 2024-07-31


A Good Walk Spoiled: Days and Nights on the PGA Tour by John Feinstein.

I now know more than I thought I ever wanted to know about professional golf in the US. Synopsis: it's damn hard, but if you're good and lucky, you too can fly to tournaments in a private jet.

The first sports book I've read, interesting experience. All aspects of society are filled with jargon. If you know nada about golf, read something else. If you know the difference between a birdie and a bogey, it's recommended.

Wednesday, 2024-07-28

Beware of brainwashed alien visitors

Look to Windward by Iain M. Banks.

Although Banks' Culture novels are always enjoyable, this one feels like he's coasting.

Thursday, 2024-07-22

Strange attractors

Chaos: Making a New Science by James Gleick.

A well written popular history of nonlinear dynamics.

Wednesday, 2024-07-21

"A bunch of guys on IRC"

... is the modern equivalent of "a couple of guys in a garage".

Inspired by the latest "hush-hush" biz discussion on #mobitopia.

`Content-Type` soup

So here I am, validating all my pages as XHTML 1.0, when I read these links:

Basically, XHTML 1.0 isn't mature enough to use on the web. Use HTML 4.01 instead.

The problem is that I'd like my blog to be readable on mobile devices, who expect XHTML content. And the mod_rewrite trickery mentioned is way overkill according to me.

Who knew it was such hard work being a good Netizen?

Cold beer, you wish

In Sweden, you can't buy alcoholic beverages anywhere but in the state monopoly's stores, Systembolaget. This is to restrict supply and prevent us Swedes from descending into a permanent alcoholic stupor. For a long time, you couldn't buy booze on Saturdays. You still can't on Sundays.

The last couple of years, this company has moved away from lines in front of counters to self-serve style stores, where you can walk around and choose what you want instead of asking a clerk for it. This is because it's now cheap and legal to bring in lots of alcohol from other countries, so the monopoly needs to move with the times.

Well, things have moved in the right direction, but there's still some way to go. For example, I'm going to swing by "Bolaget" for some Kirin on my way to pick up some take-away sushi. But I can't buy the beer refrigerated. How would that look? Anyone could buy a beer and then go to the nearest park and enjoy a cool one! No way that would work. In Sweden, you have to carry your beer home first and put it in the fridge, then get drunk.

How long until we get cold beer, huh?

Short tales

Boys and Girls Forever by Alison Lurie.

A collection of essays about childrens literature.

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