April 30, 2003

Exciting times

Looks like the Symbian exposium 03 would have been a nice place to be, (hoping to go next year) but more fun would have been to be at the All About Symbian pub meet, that took place last night. Just look at some pictures from Gadget 17's Photo blog. Especially Ewan wearing a Kilt. Its been quite busy in Symbian software front too, with Opera, OPL and Vexed.

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April 28, 2003

It's been a while

A few weeks has passed since a last entry, been thinking about building a personal video recorder / multimedia station from an "old" motherboard, that's been laying unused. It would have TiVo like capabilities, and a few extras, like mp3 player, picture viewer and be controllable with IR. It would be nice to find a Bluetooth software for my 7650 that could be used too. And if I ever get a good net connection in home (read broadband) instead GPRS, maybe control it through internet and 7650 - imagine, you are somewhere out and remember that there is something good coming from tv. Just get connected with 7650 and program your PC to record. And also with net connection it would be possible for the PVR-PC to display weather information and maybe some other net content.

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April 13, 2003


It really seems that mobimate is working on bringing WorldMate to Series60 according this interview with Ramel Levin, Director, Product Management at MobiMate on Wireless Dev Net. Sweet. For those that dont click on links, the WorldMate is a world clock, weather forecaster, currency converter and (limited) map application rolled into one kickass app.

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Opera 7.10 - its good for you

Opera Software is really in progress of making the best browser, for any computer platform, even better. There has been added new features in nearly every update since 7.0 The latest version seems to be much more faster and the old style tabbed browsing from version 6 is now included. That was the only feature I really missed, when upgraded to 7.

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Nothing much

A whole week has passed since last post here. But its been busy few days, have had time to browse AAS, though. Its really amazing how much there is a repeat questions... Now it seems that the 3650 sales are starting, atleast the posting rate in 3650 section is now rising constantly, but it isn't yet anywhere near, what the rate was on 7650 section before xmas.

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April 05, 2003

Skinning Pt.4

Finally finished the first skin for irRemote completely, I think it will be included in the next update. Now already putting together a new one, it is beginnig to look really cool. Should be really much faster designing it, than the first one. Lately havent had time for anything else much. Nothing interesting happening in symbian world, even. Bored...

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