December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all from J2K & Gadget17!

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December 23, 2003

Tested On...

Phones:- Nokia 7650, 3650, Soon with 6600

Computers:- Sony Vaio (QR10, Win ME), Sony Vaio (FX804 Win XP SP1)

BlueTooth Adapters*:- Konnect BlueTooth USB Adapter, Trust BT120 Bluetooth Adapter

* Only Widcom BlueTooth USB Apdaters Supported Currently

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December 22, 2003


Please Vote Here or Vote Here on this program idea.

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December 21, 2003


As this program is still being designed we were thinking of what feature we want to add. But thought, reading what we have planned, are there any features you want?

Please post in Comments!

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Where Could You Use BluePhoneFrame

Parties, Pub, Presentations, Clubs, Conferences, Schools, Stations (Trains, Coach), Airports (Within Airport mobile Use agreements), Club Meets (Like AAS), Camera Shops, Camera Phone Shops to show the quality of Camera, Slideshows (Holiday Snaps), Stores to showcase the latest stock , Spycam.

Removes the need for extra applications and projectors
Connect the PC to TV for great effects

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December 15, 2003

Beta Released (v.1)

Heres Beta (V1)

OK I have some great news.

Gadget2K (OK J2K) Productions has been working hard over the weekend and we now have a Beta of a program we are calling BluePhoneFrame (BLUEtooth cameraPHONE FRAME).

Please note this is a Beta and should be treated a such. Usual disclaimers apply in regards to Beta software, and as such neither myself, J2K, SymbianDiaries, AAS or anyone else can be held responsible for any problems caused by this software.

What this program should do when loaded is display a photo when it's running for approx 15secs that is sent via Bluetooth, with no PC intervention required. (Only displays Full-Screen at this moment in time)

Please post feedback on how program worked/didn't and any suggestions for future releases.

Just one quick note to add - this product is only compatible with bluetooth adapters using the Widcomm stack, and does not currently work with alternatives such as the Blue Manager.

It is at this stage Beta version 1 and very basic, but any feedback on the program, please add to the post. (Beta version 2 will be out shortly)

We also have This Post at AllAboutSymbian about BluePhoneFrame.

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December 10, 2003

PhoneFrame Program

This program came about one night when i was chatting to J2K on MSN about some programs I wanted to find. The last one on my list list, J2K said he had started to make ages ago, but didn't continue as he didn't think anyone would be interested.

Well, from there we got some ideas together from there, and I sorted into a list and mailed him later that night.

At first I wanted it to be called BlueFrame for the BlueTooth version and RedFrame for if we got around to an Infrared version. unfortunately both of these name were already in use on the internet, so we added the word Phone into the name.

We have a Beta (V1), and Beta (V2) will be out hopefully by Christmas Day!

BluePhoneFrame (BlueTooth Version)
RedPhoneFrame (InfraRed Version)
PurplePhoneFrame (BT & IR Version)

PC Digital Photo Frame Programs

You take a photo on your phone

Send via the phone's standard Send > via Bluetooth option the file is sent to PC

The PC immediately then displays it on screen

Images rotates either random or in sequence

Ability to play BackGround Music!

If character added to name will store, but not display (i.e. DD (Don't Display or S to Save Only)

Ability to run as ScreenSaver or is ScreenSaver

Must be able to accept photos without having to touch the PC (i.e. No Accept buttons)

Skinnable BackGround (If not Full Screen) to have ability to change from plain
black (for example to look like a Wooden Frame around image)

Demo Version will only display one image in a Small size (i.e. 320*240)

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