May 06, 2024

So that regular updating thing

I know, I know, I know.

Between finals and loads of other work things have gove very quiet around here.

Now some of the stuff if out the way I'll try and be a good boy and post more often.

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April 10, 2024

Series 60 Freeware

So I haven't posted to my blog for ages yet again, but I thought I'd post the draft of an upcoming AAS article that I have written here instead. Hopefully somebody will find it useful.

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March 25, 2024

AAN Happenings and AAS too

Been very busy do the little bits that I've been meaning to catch up on for ages and ages. Ewan and I worked through AAN last night doing loads of little corrections and fixes. At the same time (almost) I finally finished off the N-Gage Games database which is now live on the site (all it really does right now is store info about each game, but it has a lot of potential for stuff later on). AAN is finally moving out of beat phase and is somewhat less embarassing that it was previsouly.

I've also reworked the AAS gallery (this is probably AAS most under used resource - there's a lot of stuff there - more than 2,000 images now I think). Gadget17 is the main in charge and has been of great assistance in the recent upgrade. There's more stuff to come with Gallery. One funky feature is this new page (not linked to of the main pages yet) which shows images in the order they were uploaded. Great way to keep track of what's being added.

And there's lot of behind the scenes work going to test and prepare for the roll out of the new version of the forums. I might write a bit more on that when it's done. Looks like it may happen tonight.

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March 23, 2024

Samsung D710

Predictably I missed posting for a few days. I got very busy suddenly and I suppose the blog slipped my mind again. However with all the good work that Ewan has been doing on the front page of Symbian Diaries I really am trying to keep going. So without further a do - a very quick opinion of the recently announced Samsung D710.

The D710 got announced at CeBIT and general reaction has been somewhat mixed. Engadget seemed to think it a little big and the sliding mechansim was cool. Yeah that's probably a fair comment actually. The AAS forums were fairly busy with the news with one of the interesting points being that once again Samsung do not appear to have included Bluetooth in their Series phone. Since this is the main way I transfer things back and forth to my PC (directly - I dont often use the PC Suite) and given the fact I'm getting to like Bluetooth headsets more and more this would be something of a downer for me. That said I do like the classic 7650 like design and it is one of the ways to create a non flip Series 60 phone without it getting too long while retaining a normal keypad.

The 710 is another phone using the RS-MMC (something I suspect will become standard before too long). Given you can get an adapter to turn it into a normal MMC this doesn't worry me. I'm not one for constantly switching memory cards around. I buy a memory card for the phone and leave it in, so I never get to fussed about the multiple formats. I have too many memory cards to keep track of to be honest (and they are all a lot cheaper than when smartphones first started making their presence felt).

It's nice to see Samsung haven't given up on Series 60 (though I would still like to have a D700), and what with Sendo, Siemens and Panasonic all having announced (and shortly available) phones Series 60 is looking good. With LG, Lenvo and others working on Series 60 I think it really is becoming a de facto standard. Whether that trend continues remains to be seen, but Symbian seem pleased about it.

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March 19, 2024

Sony Personal Media Assistant

Sony is going to shortly launch PMA (Personal Music Assistant) for mobile phones with TeliaSonera with other operators to follow later.

The idea is that you get FM quality music streamed to your handset over either a 3G or a GPRS connection. I think this sort od idea, in reasinably priced, is going to be very popular. Personally I dont want to store vast amounts of MP3 (or whatever format you prefer) on expensive memory cards on my phone. Because the music is stored on a server somwehere you have instant access to a much larger choice.

PMA has things like personalised and channel playlists so what you effectively get is something like Napster 2.0 for mobile phones.

I guess the big thing here will be cost. I guess I'd be willing to give up 10 ish a month for umlimited usage if it works well. I'd prefer something around 5 for say 150 hours usage though.

This presumably ties in with Sony's msuic download strategy that has also been recently announced.

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