What Is the Scope of Video Marketing in Year 2017?

These days, the trend of video-marketing in content media marketing is increasing. More number of business owners are using videos for promotion of their products and services. This guide will brief you trending statistics of video-marketing, which will help you to understand the role of video-marketing in the success of your business.

What Is Video-Marketing?

Video marketing is an effective tool through which you can communicate important business information to potential customers. There are numerous video types, which you can use to promote your business. One most common type of video is explainer video.

It is worth mentioning here that explainer video is a short video, which explains about your goods and services in brief. Usually, such videos are available on landing page or websites of businesses.

Types of Videos in Content Marketing

  • Tutorial videos
  • Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Videos of presentations
  • Video interviews
  • Product reviews and demos
  • Live stream recordings
  • Video testimonials
  • Video ads

Return on Video-Marketing

Though initially you will be required to put a good sum in business promotional videos, however, the returns which you will get from these videos are quite tremendous. As per studies, it has been found that videos get around 70% more qualified leads annually in comparison to other means of content media marketing.

Moreover, video-marketers get around 54% boost in their brand’s awareness. As per Social Video Forecast of Animoto, around 80% of the small business owners and marketers get improved results with videos.

Statistics on Video-Marketing

As per the survey of video marketing, it has been found that around 83% of business owners consider video-marketing to be an important promotional tool. Moreover, around 82% businessmen think that video-marketing is an important component of their promotional and marketing strategy.

Additionally, about 97% of businesses use explainer videos to make their products appealing to potential customers. Among the businessmen who were surveyed, around 81% found boost in their sales and profits. Moreover, around 50% of people surveyed claimed that video-marketing reduced their support calls.

Who All Are Using Video Marketing?

It is important to know about how widespread video-marketing before making an investment. As per a study it has been found that around 40% of marketers are using video-marketing as a promotional tool. Among these, 55% marketers belong to small and medium sized enterprises.

Moreover, as per findings of Content Marketing Institute, about 60% of B2C and B2B marketers are using video-marketing to advertise their goods and services. In a survey, it has been claimed by around 30% of B2C professionals that video-marketing has good prospects and it will be a successful marketing tool in the year 2017.

Why Is Video-Marketing Booming?

After reading the mentioned statistics, you must be wondering what makes video-marketing so popular among businessmen. It is worth mentioning point here that video-marketing just requires you to invest some funds initially, however the returns after that are huge. Videos leave better and long-lasting impression in the mind of viewers thereby helping to generate leads. You can also hire an online video editor at affordable cost.


Hope this guide will help you to understand the scope of video-marketing.

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